Frequently Asked Questions


How did the store name MADDOX Menswear originate?

MADDOX is a family name on Renee's maternal side.    

The surname MADDOX is derived from the early Welsh personal name Madoc, which has the literal meaning of goodly.  We strive as a business and as individuals to be our Greatest self everyday!

Where do the Gently Owned items come from?

The majority of our Gently Owned items are purchased at Estate Sales and Clothes Auctions.  

Does MADDOX Buy/Consign clothes?

We don't offer consignment, but we do purchase clothes from individuals.  

We gladly accept donations of Gently Owned Clothing.

Items we can't use for resale are donated to local charities and group homes. 

Call us at (864) 707-6069 for more info.

The Gently Owned Clothes look new, How do you do it?

At MADDOX, we seek out the Best of the BEST when we are buying inventory.  Our items are inspected, sanitized, Professionally Laundered and Dry Cleaned.  When you get an Item from MADDOX, you know its been well taken care of.

How often do you get new inventory in?

About every two weeks.  Brand NEW items from Department Store Closeouts and Overstocks arrive monthly.

Is MADDOX Menswear A Franchise?

No, MADDOX Menswear is single store, Family Owned and Operated.